Polyester top coat

TPE 510 polyester top coat
- is meant for getting  protective and decorative coverings for metalware exploited  outside  and inside buildings, including  consumer goods (metal furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, conditioners and other household appliances).

Coatings based on polyester resins provide the combination of such properties as elasticity and durability which helps to resist loadings at formation and profiling of rolled steel.

All enamels show high resistance to ultra-violet radiation (they correspond to the classes RUV3/RUV4), to atmospheric actions and corrosion which is confirmed with leading test centers certificates.

Paint materials produced by Prime Top Industry are characterized by absence of forbidden and dangerous substances as according to directive EU 202/95 dated 01.07.2006, such as:  compounds of lead, cadmium, three - and hexavalent chromium, the polybrominated biphenyls, halogenous solvents, substances of 1st class of danger, also isophorone (substance of 2nd class of danger, which demands special conditions to observe environmental standards at production site). 

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