About company

«Prime Top Industry», LLC is a new manufacture of Coil Coating materials in Russia.
«Prime Top Industry», LLC is the largest Russian project on production of paints for Coil Coating. The project started its development not so long ago in 2004 and it has no analogs on the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Main objectives of the project are development and application of innovative materials produced in Russia for modern Coil Coating lines.
We are the owners of know-how technology for production of paints for Coil Coating. Paint materials are produced according to our formulations and under our direct author's supervision by the tolling scheme.
For implementation of the tolling production scheme the company has at it's disposal three industrial sites: one within the territory of Russia and two at the design stage in Europe.
Our principled stand is usage in production of only ecologically effective materials. All products of «Prime Top Industry», LLC are ecologically safe and they are free of substances forbidden by EU directive ¹ 202/95 dated 01.07.2006.
The execution of such an ambitious project demanded serious investments into research development and involvement of the highly -qualified personnel recruited from graduates of the main Russian chemical universities, like Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V., the Russian chemical technological university named after Mendeleev D.I., Moscow State University of fine chemical technology named after Lomonosov M.V.
The qualification of company' s personnel, among which the share of employees who have scientific degree is about 60%, provides creation of new products based on requirements of customers. We ensure full product support at Coil Coating lines.
From the moment the project started, group of Russian chemists and scientists-developers created and tested a number of innovative products for Coil Coating:
• Polyester enamels based on crosslinked melamine aromatic, cycloalphatic and combined polyester resins which correspond to UV resistance classes RUV3 and RUV4.
• Universal chrome free polyester primer with high corrosion resistance
• Epoxy chrome free backing coat
Specialists of «Prime Top Industry», LLC are working now at new innovative paints for Coil Coating:
- clear lacquer based on fluorine vinyl ester (FEVE) - "Antigraffiti" type covering which can be used as additional protection of top coatings based on polyester, polyurethane and PVDF.
- coatings based on vinyl-toluene resins
Products produced by Prime Top Industry are in active phase of trial testings in plants of Russia, CIS countries and countries of Eastern Europe.

The company is able to produce 8000 tons of products for the market.
Prime Top Industry, LLC
121170, Moscow,
Kutuzovskiy Prospekt, 45
tel./fax: +7 (495) 646-28-24
Skype: prime.top